Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's let them know how we feel.

Let's all go to their site and tell them we want blue back. I've already started:


How awful would this be?

If you walked into a best buy and all the shirts looked like this:

Pretty awful... I would probably not buy anything because I was screaming so much.

Even in Best Buy Shanghai

Even in Best Buy Shanghai it means blue. Check this out:

All in blue. Also, I'd like to point out that they're probably selling fireworks at this best buy, or at least that's what this picture has led me to believe. Well I can guarantee you that they had to outsource to bring in the fireworks department, but they are still wearing blue... despite the obvious fact that any fireworks department SHOULD BE red. But Best Buy Shanghai knows their brand and keeps it. They won't let no stupid outsourcing let their brand become anything but blue polos and khakis.

I'm actually really curious why they all have fireworks. A firework in the television section could lead to one hell of a mess. This just seems like a bad idea. But at least they look good doing it.

Best Buy - For all your blue needs

When I go to Best Buy I am going not because of superior prices, nor because it is in fact the "best buy" out there. Rather, I am going to support a brand. And that brand has a few things that signify it from the rest.

  • Blue polo shirts

  • Khaki pants

  • Obnoxious Yellow Tags

  • Squarish building

  • Mediocre customer service delivered to me in a blue shirt

These things mean best buy. They are best buy and they always will be best buy.

We hold these best buy truths to be self evident. It is blue.

HOWEVER, it appears that this may no loner be the case as my roommate just left for work wearing a green polo shirt. Apparently Best Buy is outsourcing sections of the store, and the video department is wearing green polo and black pants. BOOOOOOO!!!

Look, technology vendors mean blue. There's a reason Circuit City went out of business. Too much red. Let's not let color a.d.d. ruin the technology vendor we know and love.

I love blue.